Blue Obsession

My friends and family know about my love of the colour blue and in particular the blues that are part of the palette of Cornish seascapes. I’ve read many times that the the light in St. Ives, for example, is Mediterranean in hue, with lots of reasons given for this. I’ve also heard people mock this theory but it does seem to be the case that on beautiful sunny summer days you can look out, past the white sand, to the turquoise water and cloudless cerulean skies and really believe that you are in Greece, France, Italy or somewhere similar.

A geologist once explained it to me as the difference between beaches that are composed of crushed shells and beaches formed from crushed rock. I don’t know if he was right but it sounded convincing – that trillions of those tiny pearlised fragments would reflect the sky and the sun more brilliantly than the coarser granite sand particles.

Whatever the truth of it I can honestly say that the sea around most of the coast of Cornwall does seem to contain those rich, vibrant shades of turquoise, blue and green that you don’t see elsewhere around the UK coastline and the sand is golden and soft – on those pristine days where there are no clouds, the sun is at its highest and there’s no wind, it’s almost white.

I’ve been privileged to have such seascapes as my view for many years now and they’re so embedded in my mind and memory that they stay with me always.  You see them everywhere down here of course. Cornish blue colours find their way onto jewellery (especially silver jewellery), garden furniture, pottery, clothes, table decorations, stationary, restaurant decor, boats, houses, window frames and of course, the art. Most of the galleries are awash with Cornish blues. I don’t think anyone needs to apologise for this – it would be like living in the arctic and not noticing the white. So my home is full of blue bedding, blue furniture, blue towels, blue paint, blue crockery, blue utensils, blue ornaments, blue clothes – blue everything. I would even put a house plaque up if I thought that mail posted to such a named address would reach me.

I just love the colours of blue down here that exist in nature and that are replicated joyously by so many people who live here. Therefore my Blue Collection will continue to grow and flourish.

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