Elaynesart first blog entry

I have constructed this web site using WordPress, which favours blog posts as the means of attracting more traffic to your pages. I haven’t ever published a blog before though I think the internet might be littered with previous aborted and unpublished attempts. I am curious to see whether writing a daily blog will actually promote my web site and, ultimately my art, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I will use this blog to announce latest work and expansions to the type of art I want to promote. I am planning, for example, to expand into the world of interior design, but more of that later …. in a future blog. I will also use it to highlight art and artists I am inspired by; to showcase work in progress and to promote significant events I am attending or hosting. I believe in the power of networking. Just as the early impressionists did in the street cafes of Paris, I think artists should meet and talk regularly. I don’t really like or admire artistic jealousy – I think that sharing and comparing ideas can only promote more and better art.

For now I want to pick up on where I left off in my biography and provide an update on my current situation.

I am living in Cornwall and do not currently have a studio that is open to the public. The reason for this is that I have been waiting to relocate to the USA and so I decided that it made sense to wait till I got there before opening a studio. So for now my work is only viewable online. I am really hoping that this situation is going to change soon but I am waiting on the visa application process to grind its way slowly to a happy conclusion. I hope to be able to write a positive blog about this in the very near future.

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