Two New Pictures

The trees are quite a famous landmark on the Devon/Cornwall border. Those of us who live in Cornwall use them as a signifier for being ‘close to home’ or at least approaching that point where we cross Dunheved Bridge and enter the ‘island’. Cornwall is almost an island because it is separated from Devon by the River Tamar apart from one point, on the North Devon coast. The trees are usually viewed by motorists from down below on the A30 and it’s difficult to get a good shot of them as there is nowhere to stop safely. They illustrate my thoughts about the significance of landscape and landmarks which, for me, is, in this case, about memory, history, family and deep emotion.

The Lionfish is a predator that has moved swiftly across the world’s oceans. It’s a stunningly beautiful fish which hardly moves in the water. It tends to drift and glide so it relies on proximity to prey, which is often disarmed by the slowness of its movements. It’s one of the many fish I have photographed underwater. Scuba diving is my other great passion and I am just so grateful that it is possible to take a camera underwater and to depth so that you can capture the richness and diversity of life in this beautiful marine universe.

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