Move to Florida

So I have now arrived in beautiful Florida. I’ve unpacked my brushes, paints, canvasses etc., and unfolded my easel. I had originally, and a little naively (I now realise) planned to set up a studio in the screen porch but am learning that when a tropical ‘storm’ hits, the rain comes in at very acute angles. Also, the intense heat and sun would eventually damage the wood of the easel. So I have to consult artists in the local area to find out how they deal with these challenges. I’m looking forward to networking, visiting other studios, seeing local art and getting out with my camera to collect studies of the local seascapes, beaches, creeks etc. I will never forget my native England and I still have my little home there in Cornwall so there will be trips back and it will be interesting to see what can be produced from those – will they be nostalgic or will I see something new when I have been away from what have usually been conveniently familiar locations? One of the places I’ll be heading for, fairly soon, will be Kathy Meehan’s Art Store in  Downtown Melbourne I’m itching to get started ….

Kinderscout from Waltzing Weazel

Kinderscout from Birch Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire, July 2018

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