Flowers in Falmouth

The alliterative stress on the letter ‘F’ is entirely serendipitous.

So I’m nostalgic already. Before I flew out to Florida I went to Falmouth for the day with my youngest son. After swimming and sea-watching for a few hours we walked back through the botanical gardens. The sun had slipped behind the clouds and was making its way down to the horizon so the light was interesting as it always is at that time of day. The flowers in the gardens seemed all the more intense and I stopped to capture some of the most arresting and vibrant patterns of that day. I worked on the pictures to accentuate the vividness of the hues and the uniqueness of the designs on each flower. As always, the significance of what I recorded and re-generated is combined with the emotional meaning of the day (motherly love) resonates every time I re-visit these particular flowers.

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