Past and Present

More pictures from home …. I knew the nostalgia would kick in!!

In February I went with my eldest son to London. It was his birthday. He lives in London now. I was born there but my family moved north when I was three so I’ve only made occasional trips back over the years. It’s been a wonderful journey of re-discovery to return to places I remember as a child with those typically fractured and distorted memories – and see again the wonders of the parks, lakes, buildings, castles, streets, bridges and so on … it’s doubly wonderful to go back with your own (grown) child and then stand back a little to watch them gaze anew on those sights that first registered on your consciousness and sub-consciousness so very long ago. I’ve already produced images of the Tower from that trip ….

Then, in June, we went to the Natural History Museum. Two of my sons came this time, the eldest and the middle one, as I call them (it’s all about time and order). I’ve taken a lot of pictures from this trip and I’m working on them constantly. This is the first to emerge from the editing  process. We were absolutely enthralled to go through the section on ‘The Evolution of Man’ and see so many versions of our former selves. I don’t subscribe to theories of  re-incarnation or anything like that, but this guy did remind me of Mick Jagger. I thought he might have been the ‘rocker’ of his clan or tribe. I was quite transfixed by him. He was not alone in the room he occupied. There was another in the historic procession of our forefathers who seemed to belong with him and who will appear here shortly. I felt strangely relieved that they had each other even though, in themselves, they were separated by quite a large expanse of time.

Ancient Man at the Museum I

Ancient Man at the Museum I

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