Customised Art

I found a nice web-based app that lets you place your artwork on a wall in a typical room in a house (there are several types and styles of rooms to choose from) so that you can give potential customers an idea of what a picture might look like in their home. I played around with this app for a while and then it occurred to me that I could actually take this one step further. The usual scenario, of course, is that people browse your gallery – be it virtual or physical – see a picture they like and then buy it if the price is right (I tend to believe that if the picture is right the price will be a secondary consideration). What I am proposing is a customised art service. Send me a picture of your room where there’s a space on the wall for a nice picture or invite me to come and look at it if we are fairly close to each other. Tell me about yourself and how you want your home to reflect who you are. I’ll then show ideas of the type of artwork that could fill that space and complement your room style and colours. if you like it, we agree a price and size, frame type, paper/media type etc. and I’ll produce it for you. Here’s an example:

Parrot Fish Framed In Situ

Parrotfish, 2018



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