More Flowers

There will be many flowers, that’s for sure. They are an abundant source of inspiration at most times of the year in most parts of  the world and they are beautiful to inspect, record and render because of their colours, textures, shapes, patterns etc. They really are a delight to artists and art lovers alike. For me, as for many others I am sure, they have one meaning when they are growing freely in nature and quite another once they have been cut and arranged. For example, they signify romance, love, unions, beginnings, endings, celebrations, achievements, thankfulness, sympathy and so on. I love giving them as much as I enjoy receiving them and I record every exchange because they are nearly always highly significant for me. The first bunch of flowers was given to me by my husband for our first wedding anniversary so I wanted to ‘immortalise’ them because I waited over thirty years for them. That’s a story for another blog!! I gave the flowers, depicted in the second picture, to my mother just before I  left the UK for Florida, USA. It was more of au revoir than a final goodbye so perhaps the title is slightly ambiguous but I liked the alliteration and I was saddened by the prospect of the impending distance that would come between us. I believe in having a positive attitude so I have produced an image that is bright, optimistic and full of anticipation for our next reunion.


Anniversary Flowers, 2018


Farewell Flowers, 2018

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