Post Hiatus

I have been absent from these pages for several months. The reasons for this are probably explained by my last blog, which was a tribute to my mother. Now that summer has moved into autumn and the initial shock of bereavement gives way to the gentler if persistent day to day grieving, I have been able to reconcile myself to the fact that life does and must go on and the urge to create has, thankfully, begun to return. The temperatures here in Florida are also just beginning to show signs of dropping from the hundreds to the mid eighties so renewed energy levels, combined with favorable weather are providing me with more opportunities to pick up my art and photography materials and produce. This change in my mood was initially provoked by a recent trip to the Cayman Islands – to Grand Cayman in particular – where I tried out my new underwater camera for the first time and experimented with lights, strobes and filters on that and my Go Pro. Here are two of those experiments. Keep watching these pages as I continue to explore the possibilities of what can be created from exploring the ocean.